AGF Manufacturing Inc. was started with the intent of providing unique products for the fire sprinkler industry.Over the years we have introduced many innovative designs to fill a wide variety of demands. In filling these needs we strive to provide the best possible product backed by a strong commitment to customer service. The interaction with customers has assisted us in introducing a diverse product line. We continually work in the field to improve existing products and invent new items.

At AGF Manufacturing Inc. we are always working to make the contractor's job more efficient through labor savings and more competitive through cost savings. Our goal is to provide a design engineer or architect a sense of product reliability and fiscal responsibility. Our unique products are created to fulfill the variety of demands a contractor or a design engineer might have in mind.

Our entire line of products is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. Our valves and fittings are approved by both Underwriters Laboratories and Underwriters Laboratories Canada as well as Factory Mutual. This commitment to quality enhances product reliability and end user satisfaction.

AGF Goes SOLAR!!!!

May 2013 marked an energy milestone for AGF Manufacturing! The AGF Building received it's first major energy overhaul when the roof was fitted with it's very own solar energy system capable of supplying complete electrical independence. Track our progress on the charts below.

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