Model 1500 DRAINanTEST®
M1500 Item ID Orifice Size Size Connection
290 3/8" Orifice 2" Thread X Thread
291 7/16" Orifice
292 1/2" Orifice
293 17/32" Orifice
294 5/8" ELO Orifice
295 3/4" ESFR Orifice
296 K25 Orifice

The Model 1500 DRAINanTEST® is a compact, single handle iron body ball valve that is 300 PSI rated and features a tamper resistant test orifice. It is designed for use as the 2" main drain and test valve for testing the alarm devices attached to the alarm check valve of wet pipe sprinkler systems. The model 1500 can be ordered with a pressure relief valve as the Model 1511 to meet the requirements of NFPA-13 for gridded wet pipe systems. The Model 1500 is available in 2" BSPT (NPT available on special order) with all specifiable orifice sizes: 3/8" (2.8K), 7/16" (4.2K), 1/2" (5.6K), 17/32" (8.0K), 5/8" (11.2K, ELO), 3/4" (14.0K, ESFR), and K25.

Repair Kits are available for all TESTanDRAIN® and DRAINanTEST® valves. For more information, visit the "Support" page.

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