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The COLLECTanDRAIN® Model 5150ALBV detects the pressence of water in dry pipe sprinkler system auxiliary drains and small volume, trapped pipe sections. The Model 5150ALBV features a Reversible Tee which lets you customize how much water can be collected before the alarm will sound.

The Model 5150ALBV includes a high-quality ball valve with a chrome-plated brass ball and water detector with audible and visual alerts that flash and sound when water is detected in the auxiliary drain or the small volume, trapped pipe section.

When the Model 5150ALBV detects the desired amount of water it flashes a visual alert and sounds an audible alert to notify you that maintenance is needed. For remote notification it can be wired to the fire panel or BMS. The Model 5150ALBV can be powered several different ways: with a 9V battery, 12-24 VDC, or optional 110V plug-in.

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M5100ALBV Item ID Description
5150ALBV Water Detector Alarm with Reversible Tee and Ball Valve