Conserve Water without Compromising Safety
For a sprinkler system to work effectively it needs to be tested regularly and each sprinkler system test requires regular water use. Usually, test water is released outside of the building wasting numerous gallons of water each test cycle. In this age of water conservation AGF would like to offer an alternative.

Introducting the TESTanSAVE. TESTanSAVE recirculates the sprinkler system test water back through the supply riser, eliminating the need to reintroduce new water into the sprinkler system during testing. Its three step process is simple. First, water is brought in to perform the inspector's test on the first floor. Next, instead of water being drained to the outside, test water is recirculated into the system through the TESTanSAVE. Then, the recirculated water is used to perform the inspector's test on all of the additional floors.

MIC Control
By reintroducing sprinkler test water back into the system, TESTanSAVE™ positively impacts MIC control and does not expose the system to the risks created by the introduction of unknown elements potentially found in a gray water system.

How TESTanSAVE Works
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