Sprinkler Saves


with Alternative Handle Location

The lightweight and compact Model 2500 is a 300 PSI rated single-handle ball valve designed to provide both the test and express drain functions required for a wet fire sprinkler system. The Model 2500 ball valve eliminates the numerous connections required by the traditional assembly loop saving time, space, and money.

× NFPA requires the addition of a Pressure Relief Valve on all wet systems. Please see M2511A.

The TESTanDRAIN Model 2500 features a tamper resistant test orifice and sight glass, a tapped port for system access, an alternative handle position for unusual installation locations, and optional orifices in all specifiable sizes (see chart below). The Model 2500 is available in 1", 1-1/4", and 2" sizes in both NPT and Groove. All TESTanDRAIN valves offer Field Repair Kits.

TESTanDRAIN Model 2500
M2500 Item ID Orifice Size Size Connection
404-0 2.8K Orifice 1" Thread X Thread
404-1 4.2K Orifice
404-2 5.6K Orifice
404-3 8.0K Orifice
404-4 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
405-0 2.8K Orifice 1 1/4" Thread X Thread
405-1 4.2K Orifice
405-2 5.6K Orifice
405-3 8.0K Orifice
405-4 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
405-5 14.0 (ESFR) Orifice
408-0 2.8K Orifice 2" Groove X Groove
408-1 4.2K Orifice
408-2 5.6K Orifice
408-3 8.0K Orifice
408-4 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
408-5 14.0K (ESFR) Orifice
408-6 25.2K Orifice